Salina Airport Authority Hangar 626


Hangar 626 on the Salina Airport Authority campus was built by the War Department in 1945. Through the years it has had many uses for companies such Beechcraft, Schwan’s, and now is moving to its next phase of life.

Teaming up with Hutton Construction, Architect One provided design and construction document services to modernize the hangar for contemporary use. Updates include new restrooms, MEP systems, hangar doors, fire suppression systems, waterproofing, cladding, painting, and egress planning.

With every great project, there are challenges to overcome. The hangar presented a host of challenges – including mitigation of ongoing water intrusion, retrofit of hangar door pockets, and working around the massive concrete buttress footings. However, each problem gives an opportunity to grow, and the team is thrilled to be apart of this project.

Built to last, this space will continue to serve the Airport Authority for decades to come.

SCOPE: Remodel



Progress Image Feb. 2024


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