Architecture & Design

Architect One offers a full suite of services through planning, design, and construction. We want our designs to create an experience for those who encounter the space both from the exterior and interior view.

The Villages
Master planning is critical in any design process. It helps schools, churches, communities, and businesses gain valuable information that provides lasting solutions for decades to come. When successfully executed, it connects people to their environment, both physically and emotionally. It evaluates every aspect, every “what if” and every possible scenario of a situation to find the best solution that ensures long-term economic growth and sustainability.
The Architect One discovery process, the first step in master planning, helps define the needs and goals of any project, determine who and what will benefit t, and set forth a strategic plan to accomplish those goals. This process can enhance the construction – from the pre-design process to space utilization and furniture selections. The success of a project often depends largely on how well you engage your community in the discovery process. Hosting design charrettes and interviews with community members and stakeholders can help discover unknown
challenges, respond to local needs, shape the project vision, and build support for development and design ideas. Our team will gather all the feedback to develop a plan to cultivate buy-in, build a fundraising strategy, introduce the project to the community, and connect local communities in which the project will serve.

Our team at Architect One has the expertise and knowledge
required to ensure any historic project is executed properly. We
evaluate every corner - ensuring code compliance, assessing
the existing building for future use, and maximizing upgrades to
incorporate conveniences of today while celebrating the past.
Preserving historic buildings is vital to understanding our nation’s
heritage. Re-imagining older spaces can solve several goals at
once - preserving historic buildings and the character they give
their neighborhoods, reducing waste and other environmental
impacts of construction, and creating unique spaces for modern