Midland Care Compass Center for Senior Independence




Connection is essential to sustaining a joyful and meaningful life. This was the central theme behind the design of Midland Care’s Compass Center for Senior Independence. The core programming criteria for this commission was to develop an adaptive-reuse design considering the structure and plan of a former residential facility located on the former State Hospital property in Topeka, Kansas. The design of this proposed facility for Midland Care focused on programming oriented around assisting seniors and their caregivers in navigating essential care at various levels of need and provide a permanent home for essential services like PACE and Meals on Wheels.

Our team at Architect One was tasked with developing a design solution that addressed social, physical and spiritual needs, in order to improve the quality of life for our aging population. This design solution and the business model of the Campus Center would successfully keep seniors at home and independent longer and thus improve their quality of life.

The original location selected for the Compass Center posed many challenges. The renovation and reimagining of an existing, uniquely sized and shaped facility was a great test for our team. The resulting concept was a highly functional, inviting solution for the important project.

Status: During the bidding and permitting phase, a sudden change in the deliverable timeline required the selection of an alternate location with a commercial kitchen ready to use.

Posted: June 4, 2019