The Architect One team ventured out to the Manhattan KS AO office !

Architect One took a 1/2 day to Manhattan KS to take a step back from work and enjoy each other. But, with every great adventure, it must begin with food. The team started the afternoon with a delightful lunch in Aggieville. Afterward, the new hires were given a tour of Architect One’s illustrious Manhattan office!

As the day progressed, we accepted the challenge to get LOCKED (#TeamAO attempted escape rooms). We split up the group into three sets of four, and each group experienced different mysteries. In the beginning, it was a bit awkward. We know each other but being in a different, confined space, and coming together to figure out a puzzle was new! In the end the, teams were (mostly) successful. Unfortunately, there were no escapes, but it did bring us together and by the end, we wished we had more time!

Finally, the whole team was given a tour of our current project at Kansas State University. It was amazing hearing our Architect, and KSU Alumni, Emily Koenig, explain the intricacies of modifying the space for its new occupants. The facility? Previously an unused storage space beneath the practice stadium has been transformed into the new band facility that will hold offices, bathrooms, band equipment and 400 band members! Although it was a big challenge, the reward from it all coming together out was worth it!

Team bonding activities can be a great way to get people to interact and get to know one another. Whether it’s getting locked in an escape room for an hour, going out for lunch, or just taking a walk together; it’s important to make time to build relationships and strengthen the team. Overall, it’s important for teams to take time off from work to focus on team bonding. Taking a break from work is an investment in the team; It can help create a strong team and improve the team’s ability to work together.