Ivan King Announced as New President of AIA Topeka

We are proud to announce one of our valued employees, Ivan King, has been elected as the President of AIA Topeka!

AIA is the “American Institute of Architects” It is a body of architects and architectural professionals. The goal of the organization is to protect, improve, and enrichen the architectural profession and by extension the health, safety, welfare, and enjoyment of the public.

Ivan was asked what his aim was in taking charge of this remarkable group and he replied with the following:

My hope for my remaining term is to find ways to increase Architect and AEC professional participation around the area. I plan to continue to bring programming and activities that help enrich the profession, and bolster networking opportunities for those who may feel they need more reason to participate or want to feel seen. I must step up to the plate and match my predecessors’ efforts.


It will require more than my smile and charm to make a difference (who am I kidding, what charm?)—it’s going to be listening and participating in the community and bringing our Topeka AEC professionals what they want. I’m excited about getting involved and doing my part!

We are all very proud of Ivan’s accomplishment and are excited to see what the future holds for AIA Topeka under their leadership.

Congratulations, Ivan!