Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel Completes Construction

With construction now complete on the Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel in Topeka, Kansas, owner Leslie Fleuranges was set to host her grand opening on April 5. Unfortunately, the stay-at-home order left her with no choice but to host her debut live on Facebook. She’s now making plans to open to the public once the orders have been lifted.

This renovation project, located near 17th and High Avenue, has established Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel (TLC) as the first brick and mortar business to provide 24-hour care by certified veterinary nurses to special-needs pets in the area. The beautiful facility offers comfortable and spacious glass suites and a bright and inviting environment capable of housing 27 dogs and 2 cats, all with special needs.

After breaking ground on the project in September 2019, TLC wrapped up construction at the end of March and hosted their live debut and virtual tour of the facility at 1:00 pm on April 5.

“So, what I wanted to do is give everybody a sense of what’s going on inside and will be open 24 hours, 7 days a week, offering a service that no one else in the country is offering for dogs and cats that have special needs,” Leslie Flueranges, Owner of TLC emphasized.

The Pet Nursing hotel will offer daycare, overnight boarding, long-term care options, and enabling pet parents to go to work or on a trip, including special services of bereavement counseling.

Leslie is aiming to open the facility to the public before Memorial Day Weekend, knowing many people will be leaving town. Her official opening day is still TBD, as she wants to be confident there won’t be a second wave of the virus and anticipated food shortages won’t compromise plans.