Master Planning

Master planning is critical in any design process. It helps schools, churches, communities, and businesses gain valuable information that provides lasting solutions for decades to come. When successfully executed, it connects people to their environment, both physically and emotionally. It evaluates every aspect, every “what if” and every possible scenario of a situation to find the best solution that ensures long-term economic growth and sustainability.

We Are Client Focused Problem Seekers

Often architecture is defined as “problem-solving.” With that understanding, our programming process is “problem seeking.” We work with the client and key stakeholders to assess the needs of each individual project and help make decisions to create an end product that will be beautifully designed, low maintenance, cost-effective, and efficient for years to come.

Downtown Topeka Master Plan

Downtown Topeka Master Plan

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USD 501 Master Plan for Kanza Science and Educational Park

MATC Master Plan Model_2014 (2)

Manhattan Area Technical College Master Plan

SCCC Site Plan

Master Plan for Seward County Community College