It’s Patio Season

June 10, 2021

Nine Dining Platforms in Downtown Manhattan



In November of 2020, our AO team worked with The City of Manhattan, Downtown Manhattan Inc., and BHS Construction to design outdoor dining platforms. These provide restaurants a safe dining experience and encourage continued interaction with Manhattan’s surrounding businesses and the community.

Gina Scroggs, Executive Director for Downtown Manhattan, shared with the AO team that they are excited to announce that these dining platforms will be a permanent addition to Downtown Manhattan. “The patios were, and are still, the purest form of economic recovery in the community. During such uncertain times when social distancing kept us from even our loved ones, the dining platforms brought people together in a safe way and remain an avenue to financial recovery for not only the restaurants but also retail businesses.”

In a May 2021 DMI survey to the community at large, 63% report they have patronized the platforms with another 20% indicating that they will definitely visit the platforms now that they and their friends and family are vaccinated. Nearly all report that they enjoy the experience of open-air dining and want them to remain in place.

“We believe that the dining platforms will be in place for years to come as they have already proved themselves to be a fabulous addition to our atmosphere and vibrancy. The design and construction is so well done, the platforms have become seamless spaces in our downtown.” – Gina Scroggs, Executive Director for Downtown Manhattan

Upcoming Event: Third Thursday
Third Thursday draws hundreds of people to downtown. The best seat in the house, so to speak, will be on the platforms! The restaurants and bars offer Third Thursday drink specials so expect quite the crowd.