Meridian Roofing Solutions – Exciting Times!

October 28, 2018

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Very exciting times for our friends at Meridian Roofing Solutions! Our team Architect One is honored to have been working closely with them over the last few months. We listened closely to their needs while determining if the feasibility of repurposing the old Coke Cola bottling warehouse near Downtown Topeka, Kansas would be a good business move. Once the feasibility process was completed and a commitment was made to the building, we turned our focus to design-concept refinements and production of building plans and specifications to renovate the facility. This design process maximizes the opportunity it will be an asset in their business plans for many years to come!

The entrepreneurial spirit Keith Richards and Nathan Morris have is inspiring and very contagious! As we wrap up the construction drawings and get the construction work started we are excited for them to capitalize on their new facility. Soon they will be enjoying the benefits it will bring to continuing their successful business growth! Congrats to our friends at Meridian Roofing!

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